The Spearhead Group Continues Expansion Drive with Opening of Louisville Packaging Innovation Center and New Global Partnerships

A market leader, Spearhead will open new Packaging Innovation Center in Louisville to host clients and support growth in the craft spirits sector.

“At Spearhead, we recognize that packaging design ranks high as one of the most important business decisions for our clients and we are committed to delivering a full suite of options that can inform every step of their journey,” says Heather Fritzsche, Co-Founder and CEO of The Spearhead Group. “Our new innovation center in Louisville showcases our commitment to provide exceptional customer service through a hands-on immersion into the packaging process. We invest in our manufacturers and customers to deliver unparalleled versatility and are proud to continue this next phase of our expansion with new partners on board.”

The Spearhead Packaging Innovation Center in Louisville is based within Acuity PLS, a fully-bonded packaging and solutions provider for spirits companies. “Acuity provides wholly complementary services such as thermoforming, secure warehousing, co-packing and assembly that have made them a valued partner since our launch,” adds Fritzsche. “Consistent with our mission to re-imagine the packaging process, our experiential space is designed for clients to explore, create and execute their brand vision.” By appointment-only, technical, marketing and procurement teams are invited to schedule custom workshops with Spearhead’s Kentucky team, including an assessment of all physical next steps, budgeting and scheduling needs.

Acuity is a Pioneer Partner, a group of best-in-class innovators from around the globe who collaborate with The Spearhead Group. Several partners are joining the Spearhead team for their Kentucky launch to share their production expertise from glass to sustainability, luxury packaging and decorative arts. They include: Vitro (Mexico); Greener Planet, LLC (Tennessee); Curtis Packaging (Connecticut); Apholos (Argentina); BillerudKorsnäs (Sweden); The Signature Glass Company of Paşabahçe (Israel, Egypt and Turkey); and SigmaQ (El Salvador). Mike Murphy, Innovation Adviser for The Spearhead Group, Singapore, will also be on hand for the Louisville launch.

Prospective customers of The Spearhead Group in Kentucky can connect with Pamela Wyatt Ashcraft.

About The Spearhead Group
A leader in packaging innovation for spirits, food and beauty brands, The Spearhead Group delivers customized packaging solutions from creative brand design to manufacturing through a full suite of Physical Brand Enhancements that enable clients to stand apart from the competition. Founded in 2018 by Heather Fritzsche, CEO, and Robert Catalano, President, the Spearhead team brings more than 45 years of collective experience enriched by Pioneer Partners around the world. The result: a proprietary packaging process and unparalleled relationships that ensure the execution of high-value business and brand-building goals for each client. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, The Spearhead Group manages a client-facing Packaging Innovation Center in Louisville and a production center in China. The Spearhead Group is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and actively supports diversity suppliers.