Spearhead Begins Market Exploration Into Mexico

The Spearhead Group is pleased to announce its exploration into Mexico with the addition of advisor, Patricia Burguete.

As a life-long resident of Mexico City, Patricia is passionate about creating business and growth opportunities within Mexico. Patricia has a trained eye for product design and development and will be advising Spearhead on the best route to success in the exciting and unique Mexican market.

 “I strongly believe the consumer packaging industry today has the challenge – and opportunity – to apply creativity and technology to produce sustainable and socially responsible solutions. I am excited to join The Spearhead Group because they have the vision, experience and capability to deliver innovative Physical Brand Enhancement products which are great for their clients, and friendly to our planet.” – Patricia Burguete, Spearhead Mexico Advisor 

As Spearhead’s Mexico Advisor, Patricia will collaborate with other companies who are innovating in areas related to packaging and Physical Band Enhancement, participate in localized events, organizations, and exhibitions, and focus heavily on supporting local woman-owned business, sustainability initiatives, and social responsibility.

“For Spearhead to be successful in Mexico, we strongly believe we need to listen and learn first how we can best fit within the local industry. Having known and worked with Patricia for over a decade, I truly believe she is the best person to explore all of the possibilities Mexico has in store for us. Patricia will ask the right questions, follow the market trends, listen to experts in our industries, and explore current and future Pioneer opportunities. We are thrilled Patricia is joining our Spearhead family in this new potential market.” – Robert Catalano, President of The Spearhead Group, Inc.

If you would like to learn more about Spearhead’s activities in Mexico, contact Patricia directly at patriciab@thespearheadgroup.com.


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