Spearhead Welcomes SigmaQ to their Pioneer Family

From the conception of Spearhead, we aimed to create a whole new market sector focused on Physical Brand Enhancement (PBE). We also focused on delivering PBE with a unique approach to our manufacturing partners: focus on a select few market leaders, put a major emphasis on bringing innovation to the forefront, and ultimately provide full transparency to all involved in the process. In this spirit, we are very pleased to welcome SigmaQ to the Spearhead Pioneer Family.

Founded in 1969 in El Salvador, SigmaQ now celebrates 50 years of experience in luxury packaging. They have a strong presence in Central and North America, the Caribbean and Asia. Like Spearhead, SigmaQ views their own people as their biggest asset and the main driver of success. Amazingly, the SigmaQ Family is composed of 2,500 experts, in 12 wholly-owned manufacturing sites along with a network of trusted suppliers in Asia, across 10 countries. Though multicultural and diverse, they all share the same integrity, commitment, and optimism. Just a perfect fit for the Spearhead family.

“At SigmaQ we have what we call the Q Factor, which is the extra level of creativity and commitment that we bring to each challenge we solve for our clients, every day. It’s what makes us unique and what enables us to maintain lasting relationships. We share the same core values in The Spearhead Group, and this is why we are so very pleased to join their Pioneer Family.” – Luciana Yarhi – President of SigmaQ


SigmaQ brings Spearhead increased innovation, design, and quality in luxury packaging. Also, their production locations in Central America is a very powerful asset, giving Spearhead’s clients a near sourcing option of complex luxury packages for the US market.

SigmaQ is committed to improving the communities they live and work in. They have focused on innovating corporate social responsibility by becoming one of the first companies in Central America to take a genuine interest in their personnel’s well-being and professional development.

“Innovation comes from selecting partners that share the same values and drive for success as we do. With SigmaQ joining the Pioneer family, our mutual championing of innovation in the luxury packaging space will be second to none in the industry.” – Heather Fritzsche, Co-Founder & CEO – Spearhead


About Spearhead

With more than 45 years of collective experience designing and delivering memorable Physical Brand Enhancements that make a lasting impact, we understand the importance of a customer’s connection to a particular brand.

Companies choose The Spearhead Group because they know we are invested in all aspects of the process. We bring a unique and personable approach to each and every brand we represent and work towards ensuring the most rewarding outcome on PBE activities.