Spearhead Global Launches Spearhead Project Earth™, a Not-For-Profit Dedicated to Giving Back to the Global Community

The Spearhead Group proudly launched Spearhead Project Earth™, a not-for-profit dedicated to giving back to the global community. These activities allow us to not just focus on sustainability, but to become engaged and set an example of doing the right thing for our planet. By committing to help restore and protect Burlington Island and the Delaware River for us and future generations.

This program was made possible thanks to the support of Burlington citizens and members of the Board of Island Managers, particularly David Babula, Joe Abate, Karen Robbins, and Angela Wenger.

“We are determined to act together to restore the integrity and beauty of this landmark site for all of us who value the Delaware River, Burlington Island and our responsibility to preserve international waterways. Plastic items trapped on island shores can easily reach the ocean. We’ve launched Spearhead Project Earth to act on our company’s core mission to place sustainability first, locally and globally.”

Robert Catalano, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder

The Spearhead Group is a hands-on company: from deep involvement in our clients’ projects to our commitment to the environment, we are not afraid to work hard and do the right thing.

Sustainability is very important to us, as well as one of our core values. Establishing an independent, non-profit, foundation shows our long-term sustainability commitment.

If you are interested to learn how your group can participate, please contact us at info@spearheadprojectearth.org