Spearhead Global proudly announces Bottle2Bag™ program

The Spearhead Group has a history of engineering packaging to eliminate plastic and be more sustainable. Today, we proudly announce our Bottle2Bag™ program. Spearhead has created our own program called Bottle2Bag™ which is focused on using post-consumer single use plastic bottle waste to make fabric that can be used in reusable bag production.

The Bottle2Bag™ initiative goes hand in hand with Spearhead Project Earth™, a non-profit foundation funded by The Spearhead Group with the mission to remove plastic from an international waterway. We see it as our responsibility as a packaging company to not only eliminate plastic from our packaging but to clean up single use plastic waste. Now with Bottle2Bag™ we are going a step further to use plastic bottle waste as a new material for bag production. These activities allow us to not just focus on sustainability, but to become engaged and set an example of doing the right thing for our planet.

“Many are not aware of the impact of single use plastics on our environment. It takes up to 450 years for a single use plastic water bottle to decompose so this is a problem that will remain for many generations. Plastic not only contributes to unsightly shorelines, carbon emissions – but also creates microplastics. These microplastics get into our oceans, fish, and eventually into our bodies. It has been reported that an average person consumes about a credit card sized amount of plastic a week due to microplastics. It is up to anyone supplying packaging, to take on the social responsibility of seeking ways to eliminate plastic.”

– Heather Catalano, Co-Founder & CEO

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