Spearhead Global Office Event
Spearhead Global team discusses eco friendly packaging solutions


From initial concept to final delivery, Spearhead handles it all. Design, materials selection, prototyping, production, and logistics – we’re your single point of contact for stress-free packaging that fits your timeline and your budget.

Primary, secondary, tertiary. Bottles and closures, shippers and VAPs. Labels and hangtags, and enhancements for any price point. What can we solve for you? Our problem-solving techniques are as diverse as the spirits themselves. Tell us your challenge, and we’ll unleash our packaging magic. Whether it’s conquering shelf fatigue, soaring beyond budget limitations, beating the supply chain, or crafting a seasonal masterpiece, we’re your partners in packaging innovation.

You’ll be in control of the options. From luxurious metals, quality glass, and handcrafted woods to sustainable choices such as recycled paper and bamboo, the materials we work with are as diverse as the spirits they represent. But no matter which materials you choose, rest assured: we innovate relentlessly, source ethically, and always prioritize your brand story.

We craft brilliance for special releases just as masterfully as we do for timeless classics. Think eye-catching boxes and VAPs for holiday offerings, cost-effective solutions for recurring or regional promotions, and stunning presentations for spirits that are in a class of their own.

Spearhead isn’t just about the box; we’re your logistics partner too. With regional partners around the world, we can solve your challenges with storage, copacking, and inventory management. Consider your supply chain streamlined.

From elegant yet affordable bottles to handcrafted boxes that become heirloom pieces, we’ve got the perfect packaging to match your spirit’s story and price tag. Your margins matter, so we’re always looking for opportunities to improve the bottom line.

It’s not the devil you find in the details, it’s the distinction. That’s why we make sure your details turn heads as they sit on a crowded shelf. Think medallions that add a touch of elegance, neckers that catch attention and curiosity, closures that become collectibles for your fans, and more. We’ll make sure your packaging speaks volumes.

Re-imagine your consumers opening your spirits box as a dramatic reveal to be shared with family, friends, and the world. We’ll take that vision, test the hands-on experience, and share the results with you to ensure what your brand presents is exactly what you want.

We integrate these elements seamlessly into your packaging, adding layers of texture, depth, and visual impact. Think embossed logos that whisper sophistication or vibrant screen-printed artwork that bursts with energy. Let’s push the boundaries of design.

Forget the cookie-cutter mold! We design bottles that defy expectations, from sleek squares that stand out to playful rounds that embody classic beauty.

Packaging designers meet in conference room.