Spearhead’s First Woman-Owned Business outside of USA! Welcome “Spearhead Innovacion Responsable de Mexico”!

We are so very proud to announce the first woman-owned Spearhead business outside of the USA! A big congratulations and a warm official welcome to Patricia Burguete, who is now the proud 100% owner of “Spearhead Innovacion Responsable de Mexico”.

For almost 3 years, The Spearhead Group and Patricia Burguete (located in Mexico City) have collaborated to build new innovative Pioneer relationships in Mexico. This gave Spearhead the additional ability of nearshoring production opportunities for their USA client base. As the growth of the Mexico base was so swift and successful, the decision was made to make things even more official.

As Spearhead Mexico’s founder, Patricia not only works closely with local Mexican crafters and suppliers to deliver innovative Physical Brand Enhancement™ options for Spearhead’s clients,  but she has also collaborated with Robert Catalano, CINO & Co-Founder of Spearhead USA to build an incredible Mexico based Innovation Lab. This Innovation lab coordinates directly with Spearhead’s Innovation Labs in Yardley, PA, Louisville, KY, and Ningbo, China. This collaboration, from the beginning of product R&D to final on-site copacking and distribution, makes for a truly unmatched offering to the unique Spearhead market of PBE™.

As a life-long resident of Mexico City, Patricia is passionate about continuing to grow business opportunities and kindle relationships with local manufacturers both large and small, including artisanal manufacturers. She has a trained eye for product design, development, and advising Spearhead on the best route to success in the exciting and unique Mexican market. Patricia has helped open the possibility of working with an interesting variety of manufacturers.  True to the core values of The Spearhead Group, Patricia also focuses heavily on supporting local women-owned businesses, sustainability initiatives, and social responsibility. Working with Spearhead, women-owned businesses in Mexico have been able to see exposure within the industry they wouldn’t otherwise receive and this has also inspired others to seek out WBE certifications.

Patricia has also faced the challenge and change of the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) in 2020, which transformed trade regulations between Mexico, Canada, and the US. (Read more about import and export here).

The passion that Patricia has for the people she works with shines through it all. Together with the larger global network of Spearhead, Spearhead Mexico is able to provide a win-win solution for our clients by offering increased speed of R&D, rapid 3D design renderings and prototyping, as well as less cost and time for final shipping between the US and Mexico.

 “Having a local office and team that understands the culture helps The Spearhead Group deliver innovative Physical Brand Enhancement products to our clients. There is a long tradition in Mexico of craftspeople and working with your hands; this out-of-box thinking lends to innovative solutions and creative PBE,” said Patricia Burguete. “I enjoy getting to work closely with smaller businesses, including the exposure we can give to other women-owned businesses, to offer our clients ways to create a better brand experience for their consumers.”

Spearhead is committed to supporting other women-owned businesses and offering sustainable Physical Brand Enhancements for clients while creating a better brand experience for consumers. If you would like to learn more about Spearhead’s activities in Mexico, reach out to Patricia at patriciab@thespearheadgroup.com.