Over 1 billion plastic bottles of body wash end up in the garbage and recycling each year. youbodycare™ needed a breakthrough and responsible personal care solution: here’s how The Spearhead Group delivered.


Youbody™ is a line of concentrated body wash that can be customized for personal preference. It’s a completely new personal care concept that empowers your showers. Just launched, youbodycare™ is the only powder body wash that allows consumers to personally design thousands of custom-made blends. Basically, turning everyone’s shower into a home spa. Each scientifically designed-formula comes in a youbody packet that allows the user to get exactly what they want from their body wash.

To support their breakthrough thinking, youbody™ needed a partner to develop an equally innovative personal care delivery system.


Enter The Spearhead Group, the force behind the design, engineering and manufacturing of the all-new youbodypod, and packets a one-of-a-kind, reusable and environmentally-friendly delivery duo. The Spearhead Group also helped with the creation of the packaging that encompasses the youbodycare line. Youbody™ chose to work with The Spearhead Group because their proven Physical Brand Enhancement™ process brings unique concepts from the drawing board to reality in the marketplace. Working together with the Spearhead Innovation Centers in Yardley and China, as well as Spearhead Pioneers, the youbody™ team was able to work together with best-in-class innovators from around the globe.

Youbodypod, the patented applicator tool, allows customers to mix their custom blend of body wash in a dispensing tool that provides superior lather and exfoliation. Designed to be universal and ergonomic, youbodypod is made with everyone in mind. Working with Pioneers, Greener Planet, and BillerudKorsnäs, Spearhead was able to create customized packaging for the whole youbodycare line. Even better, youbody packets are made with Neo Plastics, which are eco-friendly and break down into clean energy in 120 days. The team also worked together with Aripack as the US distributor for the youbodycare line.

So, you take the first powder body wash solution on the personal care market and combine it with Spearhead’s innovation that works — for users and the environment. It’s exactly the kind of Physical Brand Enhancement™ thinking that has set Spearhead apart in consumer product innovation from beverage to personal care. Even better, the youbodypod and packets are designed to appeal to men and women, proving that great design can also be gender-neutral. Watch the video to view how the Spearhead and youbody™ venture came together.


Spearhead shines when your ideas are just a sketch. We bring great products to life from concept to production lines. Have an idea for Physical Brand Enhancement™? Reach out to our Innovation team to make it happen.