Our Favorite Creative Packaging Solutions From Packaging Premier Milano

The air was electric with creativity and innovation as our CEO, Giovanna Pinna, stepped into the halls of Packaging Premier Milano. The annual trade show, held in the heart of Milan, Italy, is a vibrant hub where the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in high-end packaging converge. 

Giovanna wasn’t just there for the experience, however. Our goal was to gain insights into some of the unique, sustainable, creative packaging solutions and explore how they might shape the future of the Spirits Industry. And we were not disappointed!

Paboco: The Future of Paper Bottle Packaging

A Graphic Describing Paboco’s recyclable paper bottle packaging solution

The packaging industry, particularly in the spirits sector, has long grappled with its products’ environmental impact. Single-use plastics and non-recyclable materials contribute to pollution, littering, and the depletion of natural resources. And consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about this issue. 

This is where Paboco comes in.

Paboco created the world’s first paper bottle to be 100% bio-based and recyclable. The firm has assembled top specialists in materials, design, and technology to create an innovative solution that tackles the core issue – the packaging itself.

A Picture of Paboco’s Absolute Vodka Bottle

While exploring the many exhibitions on display, we noticed Pocabo’s Absolute Vodka prototype. The prototype bottle contains 57% paper and 43% recycled plastic. The plastic forms a thin inner layer that people can easily separate and recycle after use. 

Paboco’s innovative approach to sustainable packaging is just one example of how the industry is evolving to address environmental concerns. Another area of focus is transforming organic waste into eco-friendly packaging materials.

Smush Materials: Transforming Organic Waste into Sustainable Packaging

Several of Smush's biodegradable packaging solutions on display

For decades, the packaging industry has relied on polymers like styrofoam for protective packaging. Unfortunately, these materials are not biodegradable, contribute to plastic pollution, and have a high carbon footprint during production. 

Luckily, Smush Materials is revolutionizing the industrial packaging sector by developing compostable and natural solutions. And their method for doing so is ingenious!

The company’s circular B2B model ensures that it sources raw materials used in production from agricultural waste. After using the packaging, you can compost it or use it as fertilizer for agriculture. This helps reduce waste and lessen the impact on natural resources.

One of the most significant advantages of Smush Materials’ packaging solutions is their end-of-life options. Traditional expanded polymers take centuries to decompose. In contrast, Smush Materials’ products are completely compostable. You can dispose of them as organic waste or as compost without harming the environment.

 Of course, it’s one thing for a product to be biodegradable. Crafting a product to “disappear” is an entirely different matter…

Co&IN’s Disappear Project – Like It Was Never There

A Series of images showcasing the biodegradability of Co&In’s Disappear Project

A perfect balance of aesthetics, quality, and sustainability is difficult to master when creating luxury packaging.  Co&IN, an Italian company, created the “Crafted to Disappear” project, a unique packaging solution that addresses this problem directly.

The “Crafted to Disappear” box is made entirely from mono-material corrugated cardboard. This ensures easier recycling and significantly reduces the environmental impact of the packaging. 

The box features a water-soluble paper tag and is embossed and printed using soy-based ink. Even the string attached to the box is made from woven paper—they’ve thought of everything!  They also recycle 100% of their paper and plastic industrial waste.

As more brands seek to align their values with environmentally conscious consumers, companies like Co&IN are well-positioned to lead the way in developing packaging solutions that are both beautiful and sustainable.

Redefining Luxury Packaging With Light-Up Labels and Aluminum 

Co&In wasn’t the only company redefining luxury. Saralon and Labelcol stood out among other luxury packaging solutions for their creative use of lights and aluminum.

Images from Saralon’s site showcasing their light-up paper labels

Saralon, a German company, showcased its patented SaralLight© technology. This technology incorporates printed electronics to create illuminated packaging, labels, and point-of-sale displays.  While this isn’t a brand-new technology, Saralon has developed a way to make it less expensive. Ultra-thin, customized, and made using sustainable paper-based technology, this design caused our brains to light up (pun intended) with creative ideas!

A close-up of Labelcol’s luxury packaging aluminum labels

If your brand favors a more traditional design, you might instead find Labelcol’s luxury aluminum packaging more to your liking. We were amazed by their ability to create stunning, high-end packaging solutions for small production runs.

 Aluminum, known for its recyclability and premium feel, is an increasingly popular choice for luxury brands looking to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining a high-end aesthetic. 

 While aluminum does have some environmental drawbacks, such as the energy-intensive mining process, its ability to be recycled infinitely without losing quality makes it a more sustainable option than many other materials. 

We’re Just Getting Started!

The spirits sector has been in charge of adopting creative and eco-friendly packaging solutions, constantly pushing the envelope in design, materials, and technology. We’re passionate about collaborating with our clients to craft packaging that tells their unique story and captivates consumers.

As the spirits industry continues to innovate in creative and sustainable packaging, we’re thrilled to be part of the journey. Feel free to peruse some of our innovative packaging solutions and learn how we can help your brand stand out while positively impacting the environment.