Vintage Imports selects The Spearhead Group as their Exclusive Cocktails-to-Go Partner

Vintage Imports, Inc has selected The Spearhead Group as their exclusive cocktails-to-go partner. The Spearhead Group will work with Vintage Imports to develop innovative Physical Brand EnhancementsTM to provide enhanced consumer experiences with cocktails for on and off-premise accounts.

The pandemic has forced many on and off-premise accounts to get creative with crafting, packaging and marketing their cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Legislative rules around the country are still being adopted to allow cocktails-to-go to become a permanent part of the industry for our local restaurants. The overall message is clear, how can we help struggling restaurants and bars find those creative solutions. Bill Mickel, Managing Director of Vintage Imports, Inc, has continued to work on developing opportunities to help restaurants and bars share their alcoholic signatures with their patrons in new innovative ways.

“Vintage Imports is excited to share our cocktail-to-go strategies and solutions with our very important restaurant partners, especially during the current, challenging climate of shut-downs and restrictions. We are equally excited to work exclusively with The Spearhead Group in the development and execution of this platform,’ said Bill Mickel, Managing Director of Vintage Imports, Inc. “Their incredibly knowledgeable, professional and detailed team, paired with their local focus and global experience, offers unique and solution-based cocktail-to-go options. Working with The Spearhead Group, ultimately allows our restaurateurs to deliver unique, delicious craft cocktails to consumers.”

Vintage Imports, Inc, located in Bristol, PA, is an importer and distributor of wines & spirits. They are a ‘niche player’ envisioned to represent small, boutique producers and distribute their wines and spirits in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and nationally, with a particular focus on restaurants.