The Spearhead Group Continues the Evolution of the Pioneer Program

Ray DeCarlo is excited about the opportunities that the continued evolution of The Spearhead Pioneer program brings by expanding relationships with both existing and new pioneer partners.

In order to continually provide innovative Physical Brand Enhancements™ to clients, Spearhead partners with some of the best in class inventors, raw material suppliers, manufacturers and converters in the world. As the Pioneer program grows and expands, everyone benefits from the unique opportunities that come with being a part of Spearhead’s success in reinventing how the industry works together.  Managing this very exclusive Pioneer Program ultimately delivers unparalleled innovation and versatility in brand enhancement options to all of Spearhead’s clients. This is why the market will continue to see the evolution of this Pioneer program into more and more new to world materials, design applications, manufacturing techniques and even exclusive IPs, because at Spearhead we see innovation as fluid, always moving and never, ever static or status quo.

Being a part of the Pioneer program requires those partners to not only be innovative themselves, but they must also share the same core values as The Spearhead Group such as, prioritizing women leadership & diversity, practicing sustainability and being known in the industry as highly ethical and entrepreneurial.

If you are interested in joining the Pioneer Program, reach out to Ray DeCarlo directly at or LinkedIn. To learn more, about our Pioneers during the year, stay tuned to our blog for profiles about them.