The Spearhead Group Welcomes FoldStar Inc to Pioneer Team – The First Innovation Pioneer

We are proud to welcome FoldStar Inc to our Pioneer Program as the first innovation Pioneer. In order to continually provide innovative PBE™ to clients, the Spearhead Pioneer program partners with some of the best-in-class innovators, inventors, raw material suppliers, manufacturers and converters in the world. With the addition of FoldStar, the Spearhead Pioneer program will take another advancement in Innovation and spearhead the team into delivering new concepts to clients.

FoldStar Inc is a world-leader in folded tessellation engineering. Based in New Jersey, the FoldStar team will work with The Spearhead Group in creating an exclusive software for the packaging industry.

What is tessellation you may ask? Tessellation is the art of taking flat materials to create a shape by folding. Tessellation can take the shape of almost any fitted object, such as a bottle, and offers clients new avenues to achieve the most advanced packaging in the industry. It can also be used to help reduce cost and material wastage.

“FoldStar Inc develops novel folding simulation software for a variety of industries. The Spearhead Pioneer program has allowed us to collaborate with leaders in the packaging industry,” said CEO Matt Jezyk, FoldStar Inc. Our novel software and manufacturing techniques can be used to generate less waste, reduce plastic, and deliver novel concepts in these uncertain times.”

“We believe the advancement of PBE comes from looking at packaging as it is today in a totally different way. Now folding cartons are simply 90% angle folds, this has not changed for 100’s of years, regardless of the shape of the products the box is holding,” said Robert Catalano, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, The Spearhead Group. “However, now with FoldStar’s exclusive tessellation technology, Spearhead can literally think outside the box and reshape the packaging industry as we know it. Making unique structures with never seen before shapes, that also has the benefit of adding strength while reducing the size and overall material usage. Spearhead & FoldStar working together on tessellation design to new tessellation production processes is a real game-changer for the industry. Proving once again how we live up to our name.”

FoldStar Inc joining the Spearhead Group’s Pioneer Program opens many opportunities in the industry. They will work very closely with the new Yardley Innovation Lab, as well as be able to integrate designs for the China and Mexico Innovation teams to complete training and design. The new innovation technology will bring simplicity for our designers, precision for our engineers. By combining FoldStar with the abilities of other Pioneers, like strategic material supplier BillerudKorsnäs, we will be able to provide real change to our clients with Physical Brand Enhancement™. Our team of Spearhead Pioneers will help enhance and extend our clients’ brands beyond the ordinary.

If you are interested in joining the Spearhead Pioneer Program, reach out to Ray DeCarlo directly at