The Spearhead Group Welcomes Burt Rigid Box, Inc. to the Pioneer Program

We are proud to welcome Burt Rigid Box, Inc. to our Pioneer Program. The Spearhead Pioneer program is a carefully selected group of best-in-class innovators from around the globe. In order to continually provide innovative Physical Brand Enhancement™ to clients, Spearhead partners with some of the best-in-class market leaders such as Greener Planet/TPC Printing & Packaging, Curtis Packaging, Acuity Packaging & Logistics Solutions, BillerudKorsnäs and Package Development Company. As the Pioneer program grows and expands, everyone benefits from the unique opportunities that come with being a part of Spearhead’s success in reinventing how the industry works together.

Burt Rigid Box has been a recognized industry leader in luxury custom paperboard packaging since its inception in 1886.  Burt is a family-owned business headquartered in Buffalo, with manufacturing in Oneonta, New York. The company produces rigid paperboard set-up boxes for the cosmetics, spirits, confectionery, publishing, promotional, and other diverse industries. Burt is set apart by its quality, proven production innovation, and dedication to sustainability. Equipped with the imagination and expertise to elevate clients’ projects, and the American facility to carry them off, Burt is known for its ability to overcome hurdles, such as the ability to cut down on manufacturing and process timing.

“I speak for myself and the rest of the Burt Rigid Box team when I say we’re thrilled to be recognized as the newest Spearhead Pioneer,” said Laura Brodie, President of Burt Rigid Box. “Aligning with respected, innovative, sustainable partners like The Spearhead Group and our industry-leading peers in the Pioneers Program is consistent with Burt’s longstanding focus on excellence.”

“I am extremely excited to be able to welcome Burt Rigid Box as part of our Pioneer Team”, said Ray DeCarlo, Head of Global Sourcing & Pioneer Relations at The Spearhead Group. “Over the years, I have worked with Burt and have always respected and admired their capabilities, quality, service, and commitment to being a valued resource for their clients. Being a part of the Pioneer program requires our partners to not only be innovative themselves, but must also share the same core values as The Spearhead Group. Burt shares these values and many more. They are a great addition to The Spearhead Team.”

Burt Rigid Box becoming a part of The Spearhead Group’s Pioneer Program opens many opportunities in the industry of domestic-made boxes. Burt emphasizes innovative production approaches and promotes creative brand-packaging strategy in all of its endeavors. By working together with Burt, The Spearhead Group has set out to revolutionize the industry and redefine how packaging and brands collaborate to deliver a more memorable buyer and consumer experience. Recently, The Spearhead Group worked with Burt Rigid to create a custom margarita kit (including fulfillment) for Cheeky Cocktails and the famous Don Julio brand. The team was able to work together to innovatively design the kits to hold two 50 ML bottles of Don Julio Blanco Tequila and two bottles of Cheeky Margarita Mix. Our proven process of listening to the brand leader’s needs and working with innovative partners, from development to manufacturing, is how we bring our client’s vision to life.

If you are interested in joining the Spearhead Pioneer Program, reach out to Ray DeCarlo directly at