The Spearhead Group Continues to Innovate with new AFA Systems Autocartoner at their Kentucky Flagship Location

In February, The Spearhead Group installed their new AFA Systems Autocartoner in Louisville, KY, at their Kentucky Flagship location within the office of Spearhead Pioneer, Acuity Packaging & Logistics. The new autocartoner will allow total control from development all the way to pack out, forming up to 80 cartons per minute.

Autocartoner machines erect folding cartons automatically, eliminating the need for hand assembling. The carton can be hand or machine loaded and then the machine engages its tabs/slots to apply adhesive and close both the ends of the carton completely sealing the carton. The Spearhead Group is considered one of the only groups in the spirits industry that can offer this end-to-end solution. With this new equipment, Spearhead is now able to not only automate pack-outs and ship, but we can also perform preliminary line trials for our clients to ensure that the cartons we supply will function flawlessly on their own autocartoning equipment.  This eliminates the need in most cases for Spearhead’s clients to line trial at all and ultimately increases speed to market.  Once again revolutionizing the industry.

“Adding the autocartoner to our Spearhead Pioneer and KY flagship Acuity is part of an evolution,” said Ray DeCarlo, Head of Global Sourcing and Pioneer Relations. “The Spearhead team will be able to offer new capabilities to clients in Physical Brand Enhancement™. Spearhead believes that we, along with our Pioneers are offering a totally innovative response to the challenges faced by our clients in today’s market.”

By continuing to pursue innovative solutions, the Spearhead Group continues to support one of the main core values: Go the Extra Mile, Can-do attitude, Entrepreneurial Spirit.

To learn more, reach out to: Lana Toler, Marketing and Innovation Manager; and Ray DeCarlo, Head of Global Sourcing and Pioneer Relations.