Spearhead Global Proudly Only Uses FSC Paper Materials

Spearhead Global has always been committed to using the best and most sustainable materials.

As part of this commitment, we only use Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified papers for all offerings.

Paper and packaging are some of the most widely used forest-based products, so ensuring they are sustainably sourced is crucial to protecting healthy, resilient forests. To show our dedication to sustainability, it was important to become FSC certified to continually provide sustainable Physical Brand Enhancements™ to our clients.

Spearhead actively seeks ways to reduce our carbon footprint and guide clients in their sustainable choices, we now offer our clients the option to print the “check tree” label on all paper-based packaging that we make for them. This label is the most trusted mark for responsible forestry worldwide and is found on millions of products worldwide, verifying sustainable sourcing from the forest to store shelves.

FSC® certification allows Spearhead to provide the responsible choices our clients want and demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and forests worldwide.

Please reach out to Pamela Wyatt Ashcraft, Sales Director to discover all the good things we can create for you!