Non-alcoholic Beverage Market Collaboration with Laura Silverman

The Spearhead Group is known for its extensive Physical Brand Enhancement™ activities in the spirits industry, supplying popular items such as Crown Royal’s purple bags. We are now very proud to announce that Spearhead added a new focus to an upcoming market sector: the adult, non-alcoholic beverage market.

To achieve this goal, Spearhead reached a collaborative agreement with Laura Silverman, founder of Zero Proof Nation, who is a true expert in this growing field of adult non-alcoholic trends, options and market sector growth. Laura and Spearhead’s mutual goal is to elevate adult non-alcoholic options and bring product innovation and efficiencies in Physical Brand Enhancements™ supply pipelines to this emerging sector.

“I have been working with and supplying the spirits industry products for close to 30 years,” says Robert Catalano, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-founder of  The Spearhead Group “all ironically while abstaining from drinking alcohol for around the last 8 years. After having the honor of following Laura for some time, getting to know Zero Proof Nation, and more about Laura, I have realized that there are many more folks like myself out there. Adults looking for options beyond a virgin Bloody Mary or the occasional Shirley Temple. Laura, via her consistent education through her social media and podcasts, has really opened my eyes that there is a real industry movement developed around non-alcoholic adult beverages. People should have choices, whether it be drinking alcohol responsibly or abstaining occasionally or always. We believe it is time that Spearhead embraces all of these choices.”

“When I quit drinking 15 years ago, there were virtually zero adult non-alcoholic options for people like me and others across the sobriety spectrum,” exclaims Laura. “To see where we are now is mind-boggling, and it’s my true passion to shine a light on one of the fastest growing sectors in the beverage world. I never thought that leaving alcohol behind could yield so many personal and professional gains. It just makes sense to partner with Robert and The Spearhead Group; bringing Spearhead’s Physical Brand Enhancement™ expertise to the non-alcoholic market is a natural fit and will be the next frontier for non-alc brands!”

If you are in the non-alcoholic beverage space and want to learn about how Spearhead might be able to help your Physical Brand Enhancement™, please reach out to Laura Silverman, Non-Alcoholic Drinks Industry Advisor.

Laura Silverman is the founder of Zero Proof Nation and Booze Free in DC, two platforms focused on highlighting non-alcoholic beverages and the culture driving their growth. She is co-host of By Volume, a podcast focused on the intersection between music and non-alcoholic beverages. Moving the industry needle forward is rooted in personal reasons for Laura, as she got sober in 2007 at the age of 24. Laura is frequently sought after as an industry subject matter expert by publications such as Wine Enthusiast, Forbes, America’s Test Kitchen, and BBC.