The Spearhead Group Introduces Breakthrough Clear Resin Label Technology, Empowering Clients to Replicate Custom Glass Embossment with Time and Cost Savings

– Recent collaboration with Cascade Moon on a limited bottle release is thought to be the largest custom clear dimensional resin label ever produced –

November 2020 (Yardley, PA)The Spearhead Group has made a breakthrough in packaging design with the release of a clear dimensional resin label for Cascade Moon that replicates the timeless look of glass embossment – at a fraction of the time needed to get to market. Resin label technology has previously been used for small ornamental applications, but until recently was not offered in clear and on such a large surface, such as wine and spirits bottles. The Spearhead Group’s pioneering clear resin technology enables clients to make highly calibrated, real-time adjustments to packaging designs without the lag times and upfront costs of traditional glass embossment. The flexibility of clear resin further allows clients to develop designs with innovative visual effects that work on many types of shaped surfaces.

Lana Toler, Marketing & Innovations Manager for The Spearhead Group, recently worked on the collaboration with Cascade Moon Whisky to implement clear resin technology for a limited 200-case release of Cascade Moon Edition No. 1. Each bottle features a clear resin label with the words ‘Cascade Moon’. The resin was applied to each bottle as one complete sticker and perfectly mirrors the look and feel of glass embossment.

“Cascade Moon Edition No. 1 is the first bottle to use our new clear dimensional resin technology and is thought to be the largest resin label mimicking clear glass ever produced,” said Toler. “Our application of the ‘Cascade Moon’ name is seamlessly affixed as one sticker with a separation between each letter, enhancing the illusion of custom-embossed glass while avoiding imperfections such as air bubbles. Our team is proud to have the Physical Brand EnhancementTM for Cascade Moon. We see this as a real market game-changer.”

The Spearhead Group launched a full design exploratory with clear resin technology in 2018. “I first discovered basic resin labels during a visit to LuxePack NY,” shares Vianney Becerril, Senior Product Development Manager at The Spearhead Group. “We originally envisioned resin as an alternative to wax seal shaped labels, but after working with the first samples we realized that there were many more options. Our real breakthrough has been to customize the label application technology for clear resin, and to make it a viable, and wholly flexible alternative to glass embossment on larger surfaces. It really has opened up a world of possibilities for our clients!”

Robert Catalano, President of The Spearhead Group, immediately endorsed these first clear resin trials: “Through extensive testing and R&D by Spearhead with various glassware and stock bottles, we are able to mimic the look of embossed glass, while building a whole new area of opportunity for our clients.”

Natale Bauducco, European Advisor for The Spearhead Group, worked closely with a team of European manufacturers to make clear dimensional resin technology a reality. In response to client demand for speed to market custom glass solutions, The Spearhead Group has made it a priority to make every bottle stand out. In addition to clear resin, clients can choose their preferred color, including frosted clear, translucent, and solids as well as varying dimensional heights. The new technology scales to large product runs as well as more limited releases, offering a myriad of options for customers looking to create limited-edition bottlings for holidays, special events, and licensing partnerships. It also adds a dynamic approach for clients looking for immediate solutions to enhance current packaging with accolades and awards.

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The Spearhead Group looks forward to introducing more clients to the benefits of clear resin technology. For more information about launching a new design or product innovation, reach out to schedule a meeting with Pamela Wyatt Ashcraft.