New Product Launch: Spearhead Proudly Creates EVAP, the First Ever Personalized E-Commerce VAP For the Spirits Industry

What if all the hassle of developing, forecasting, co-packing and distributing of Spirits Value Added Packaging (VAP) were a thing of the past? What if you could track a VAP ROI and obtain unique consumer data, all while standing out as an industry leader and exceeding your consumer’s expectations? What if your loyal customers could receive a VAP with their name on it?

With EVAP, Spearhead has created an entirely new platform for how consumers get their seasonal spirit gift sets. By using an E-commerce model, the old VAP days of extremely long planning lead-times, complex co-packing, challenging forecasting, and lack of ROI data are replaced with speed, agility, higher returns, and better customer experience.

“According to recent Epsilon research, 80 percent of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experience.” – Adage. In the spirits industry, personalization has lagged behind due to the regulatory landscape of the industry, but EVAP solves this problem.

“In my over 25 year career in the spirits industry, I have seen almost no change in the delivery medium for VAPs. In fact, retail stores can hardly keep up with the increased demand for shelf space, making it hard for any one brand to stand out. To solve this problem and bring VAP into the 21st century, we are introducing EVAP™, created and developed exclusively by Spearhead.” – Robert Catalano, Co-founder & President, The Spearhead Group

Yes, change is good.

If you believe EVAP™ could be of interest to your spirits brand, then please contact us to learn more.


About Spearhead

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