Try Topping This – Over-caps Bring Limited Edition Mania to Brands

Whether you have a new or an existing brand, creating and keeping the excitement around your product is an ongoing challenge. Customers are more demanding than ever, wanting a unique experience with each purchase, and the competition always seems to be jumping one step ahead, creating an environment where brand marketers must remain on their toes to keep connected with the next trend opportunity.

Imagine your customer walks into the store and sees their favorite brand with a beautiful Limited Edition cap, highlighting their city or creating a more giftable holiday feel… chances are they are not only just buying one, but another for a friend or family.

We also look at the idea of functionality into the collectability as well. Some of the concepts developed by Bill Hutto Design (images shown) have built-in measuring cups for perfect drink mixes, flash drives hidden into the cap and even smartphone holders.

“Working closely with our Spearhead Pioneers, we are able to help brands capture unique moments in the customer’s realm, whether it be national, local, a brand anniversary or a holiday. In collaboration with our engineers, we can create a Limited Edition over-cap, that will draw attention to your brand and develop a collectors mentality around the primary package.” – Robert Catalano, President, The Spearhead Group


About Spearhead

With more than 45 years of collective experience designing and delivering memorable Physical Brand Enhancements that make a lasting impact, we understand the importance of a customer’s connection to a particular brand.

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