Cocktails-To-Go Copack Kits (Part 3 of 3)

The results are in!  Last week, we launched a poll about cocktails-to-go packaging and the highest total of votes have shown that people are most interested in the recyclable/reusable cup and lid. Next week, we will explore the importance of sustainability in cocktail-to-go packaging for the consumer. Till then, we wanted to share the conclusion to our three part “Cocktail-to-go” series by exploring another packaging concept.

The final part of our series explores cocktail copack kits which include the full size spirit, mixers and instructions. These kits are convenient and fun concepts for both on-premise (bars/restaurants) or off-premise (liquor stores) accounts that want to consider this new mainstay of cocktail culture.

For on-premise accounts, this type of cocktail kits allows for them to get creative with bottling in-house cocktail mixers and instructions for their creative cocktails.  They then have options to be able to sell the full bottle spirit with the cocktail mixers. Consumers love the opportunity to create some of these bartender favorites.  One thing to know, some laws vary by state about whether on-premise locations can sell full bottle spirits to their customers. For off-premise accounts, they can sell full spirit bottles and mixing ingredients together including: simple syrup, sours mixer, bitters, etc.  This concept allows the retailer to pick what recipes and brands of mixer items that they believe will sell their products.  With a little direction to the consumer, they can help them know what will work well together and provide an additional revenue stream for their account.

In conclusion to our series, cocktail-to-go kits are gaining popularity in our culture and we can’t wait to see how they will keep growing. Are you interested in learning more, please reach out to Pamela Wyatt Ashcraft.