¡Bien Hecho en Mexico! Meet Patricia Burguete, Head Go-Getter, The Spearhead Group Mexico

Patricia Burguete owns and operates The Spearhead Group Mexico. Established in 2020, it’s the first independently owned operation for The Spearhead Group in North America. In honor of Women’s History Month, Patricia recently shared her insights as a female business owner with our very own Lana Toler, Marketing & Innovations Manager.

How did you get started in design and packaging?

I studied as an architect in Mexico, and like many in my profession was immersed in design and project management from day one. I was often the only woman at the table and learned to appreciate companies like Spearhead that treat women as true partners and equals.

Mexico is well-known for craftsmanship and artisanal design. How does that inspire you?

I have always loved artisanal work. My family is originally from Chiapas in the south and as a child I grew up appreciating handmade things, like the embroidery of our region. I developed a lifelong love for artisanal clothing (and many other things!) from my grandmother. Craftspeople don’t always get the credit they deserve. About 12 years ago I started working with floral and gift shops, developing corporate gifting programs with local artisans. A lot of the people who do the finest work in my culture are women, and I really respect their daring approach and tremendous skill. This also extends to our beverage sector; there are there are so many Maestras Mezcaleras (our term for female master mezcal makers). It’s exciting to see women represented in many creative paths.

How did you become the head of The Spearhead Mexico?

My official title is Managing and Creative Director of Spearhead Mexico, but I prefer “Head Go-Getter!” My experience in corporate design led me to develop manufacturing and technology partnerships throughout Mexico and beyond, which is how I first connected with the Spearhead team. I was immediately drawn to their values of equality, inclusion, and sustainability. When creating my business entity, I had to send several name combinations for the Mexican authorities to choose from. They decided on Spearhead Innovación Responsable de México for our legal name, which I absolutely love. It perfectly reflects our core values of innovation and responsibility as we aim to focus on creating sustainable solutions and caring for the world around us. Working with the Spearhead team has allowed me to feel more empowered as a woman business owner. We’ve really earned our seat at the table!

What do you most look forward to in 2022?

One of the things that most excites me is to promote things that are made in Mexico – and to promote the work of Mexican people in other countries. There are a lot of manufacturers who do things well here – and who take great pride in every step from design to manufacturing. Clients are particularly excited about our sustainable integration solutions. I love to promote the best of Mexico. In Spanish we say “Bien Hecho en Mexico” meaning, “Well Made in Mexico.” The items we manufacture reflect the Spearhead commitment to promoting sustainable solutions while upholding the quality we all know and expect to see. Everything is on track for a great year – and we’re on the move! I recently finalized the contract for a larger space in Mexico City and look forward to keep growing our team inspired by Spearhead values.