All the Latest in Physical Brand Enhancements™ – Custom Glass Bottles!

While many know The Spearhead Group for high profile programs like the Crown Royal bags, our company does so much more.  We have revolutionized the packaging industry by coining an expanse of the manufacturing process which we call Physical Brand Enhancements™ (read more about PBE™).  PBE™ is exactly what the name implieswe embrace a brand’s image and boost it to the highest potential through customized packaging. While that includes bags, it also can encompass an array of brand needs. We have some incredible clients who have trusted us to enhance items such as custom glass and ceramic bottles, closures, medallions, new-to-world labels, cartons, wood boxes, rigid boxes, shippers, end-to-end VAPs (including automated carton assembly), and more. The possibilities are endless with PBE™. 

In this series, we explore the potential of PBE™, starting with glass bottle development. 

At the conception of a glass bottle program, the Spearhead team takes time to fully understand a brand’s goals and visions for their product. From there, we have our design experts curate visual renderings that best represent these goals or review client renderings that have already been proposed. These steps are vital to create an accurate representation of production, lead time, and budget feasibility.

The designing and development of new glass bottles then progresses to Spearhead’s in-house 3D printing lab. We produce a printed sample of the model and work with clients on glass sample tooling.   Under the direction of Spearhead’s expert team, these launch steps take days, instead of months for most of our projects.

As soon as models and materials have been approved, our Spearhead team once again reviews client needs to determine the most efficient course of action for production. For glass bottles, Spearhead works with various partners in Mexico, India and China. The final determination of which glass partner we select is based on which partner has the exact bottling line logistics needed to ensure a flawless execution of the brand’s bottle design.

The Spearhead Group is so fortunate to have a team of brilliant designers, skilled engineers and Innovation Labs across the world (read more about our Spearhead Innovation Lab) that ensure timely and precise completion of projects.

Here’s what our founder and CEO, Robert Catalano, has to say about glass bottle enhancements:

“The inception of the glass bottle is one of the most exciting projects that we get to work on for our clients. Bottles are often the foundation of a brand and are vital to recognition in the market. We are given the opportunity to start with a blank canvas and end with physically manifesting the brand’s identity. It is so cool to see how quickly we are able to move from visual renderings to 3D printed bottle samples that everyone can touch and feel. Having these in hand immediately brings to life all design intentions and creates a fantastic process for achieving the brand vision. Going from a 3D printed sample to the first glass sample is one of my favorite steps. It truly is the physical manifestation of an idea and I love to see our clients hold it in their hands for the first time. It just drives it all home.”

If you would like to realize your dream of designing custom-made glass bottles, come talk to us at The Spearhead Group.  Contact Pamela Wyatt Ashcraft at