We’re Proud to Announce Our New Co-Op Program with Drexel University: Introducing Christian Flores

We are excited to announce our new Co-Op program with Drexel University in Philadelphia. “Cooperative education at Drexel enables undergraduate students to balance classroom theory with practical, hands-on experience prior to graduation.” This program allows for Drexel students to be a part of a co-op program for a six-month period with an approved University employer.

This fall, we welcomed our first co-op employee/student, Christian Flores. Christian is studying at Drexel to obtain a Bachelors in Business and Engineering. Unlike most internships, Christian is getting a full hands-on experience right from the start. The Spearhead team welcomed Christian into the R&D lab to work closely with Robert Catalano, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer. Since joining just a few weeks ago, Christian has had the opportunity to participate in product development brainstorming, 3D print multiple new prototypes, design and laser cut multiple substrates and provide real time innovative solutions, all from a passionate and fresh new perspective.

“This Co-op position is very meaningful to me because The Spearhead Group gave me the opportunity to challenge my mind to think in new innovative ways,” expressed Christian. “I’m learning hands on about the R&D process and what it’s like to see a product through its development. Every day I spend at The Spearhead Group is another day spent gaining valuable skills, building connections, and putting my creativity to the test. I couldn’t be more excited to see what challenges and new experiences these next couple of months have to offer me. I’m confident that by the time the end of my co-op cycle ends I will have a work experience that will prove to be very useful in my future career.”

“This dynamic program is one that we wish that we had started years ago,” said Robert. “Christian is an extremely fast learner and has already advanced several of our R&D projects ahead of schedule. He is also bringing a lot of his own ideas to the team and we are keen on giving him more and more leeway to expand on some of his own R&D concepts.”

The Drexel co-op isn’t the first program that The Spearhead Group has worked on with innovative students at global universities. Over the last few years, The Spearhead Group has had the opportunity to sponsor programs at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Turin and Ibero University in Mexico City. Robert and The Spearhead Group are interested in expanding their programs with Drexel to include 2 co-op students next spring. In addition, they are hoping to sponsor programs similar to IED and Ibero for other universities over the next year.

“Students provide a new perspective in innovation and The Spearhead Group looks forward to being at the forefront with them,” said Jessica Knee, Business Administration Manager at The Spearhead Group. “We are excited to not only provide these students with an opportunity now, but to also open doors for what they can pursue in the future.”