Spearhead Welcomes Ecological Fibers to Pioneer Program – New Strategic Material Pioneer

We are proud to welcome Ecological Fibers to our Pioneer Program as a new strategic material pioneer. As the Pioneer program grows and expands, everyone benefits from the unique opportunities that come with being a part of Spearhead’s success in reinventing how the industry works together.

Ecological Fibers, based in Massachusetts, has paved the way towards enhancing environmental innovation while producing specialty cover materials that have helped protect the most beloved and recognizable books and luxury packaging in the world. From vibrantly coated and uncoated colored papers to modern textiles, flock, and PU materials, Ecological Fibers offers the variety, customization, and global availability brands need to achieve the luxury appeal desired in today’s retail markets. Designing folding cartons and boxes with color and texture offers a new level of character, class, and sophistication, honoring the luxury of the contents within. Ecological provides an avenue for luxury paper and material wraps, while also working with the highest quality and most responsibly sourced materials available. They were the first in the industry to remove the use of solvents in their coatings and become 100% water-based and continue to this day to produce their coated materials without the use of any heavy metals or harmful chemicals.

“Our impact on the environment is important to us, and by joining forces with the Spearhead Pioneer Program, we will be able to assist clients and brands in offering more eco-responsible choices in covering materials for the packaging design community,’ said Ryan Flynn, Marketing Manager Ecological Fibers. “We firmly believe that you should never have to choose between offering a responsible solution or a quality solution, you can have both. ”

“Ecological Fibers not only has amazing and innovative looking and feeling materials, but their substrates also match with our core value of offering our clients environmentally friendly options,” said Robert Catalano, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, The Spearhead Group.

By working together with Ecological, The Spearhead Group has set out to revolutionize the industry and redefine how packaging and brands collaborate to deliver a more memorable buyer and consumer experience. With global reach, Ecological can support Spearhead’s Innovation Labs, help create libraries for regular clients, and expedite speed to market. We look forward to working together with Ecological to enhance Physical Brand EnhancementTM that will strengthen brand identity and inspire customer loyalty from concept to production.

Interested in joining the Spearhead Pioneer Program? Reach out to Ray DeCarlo directly at rdecarlo@thespearheadgroup.com