Spearhead Pioneer, Greener Planet/TPC, First in North America to Install the Scodix E106

Chattanooga, TN – Greener Planet/TPC installed the Scodix UltraPro just over a year ago as an experiment to test the market for 3D UV High Gloss and Variable Density printing for folding cartons in the prestige beauty and spirits industries. With the Scodix technology, polymer height for printed effects can achieve up to 250 microns, allowing for varying levels of height and gloss to achieve a stunning effect. Scodix effects can resemble foil, matte, silk screening and embossing in one digital print.

Immediately after the installation of the Ultra Pro, it expanded the range of special effects they could offer clients for smaller runs. In fact, the marketing piece Greener Planet/TPC created on the Ultra Pro — titled “Rise & Shine” — won a national Benny award, as well as a regional Printing Industry Association of the South (PIAS) Best of Show award.

“(The Rise and Shine marketing piece) really helped us kick off this technology, and communicate the new capabilities properly with our existing as well as target customers.” – Joseph A. Schmissrauter III , President, TPC Packaging

However, Schmissrauter noted that within a year they realized that client demand was well beyond what the UltraPro could keep up with, requiring an even larger and faster system. The original purchase agreement of the UltraPro allowed for an upgrade once a larger version was commercially available, and after a visit to the Scodix facilities in Tel Aviv this past summer, Greener Planet/TPC made the decision to authorize the switch to the bigger E106.

The Scodix E106 offers many benefits beyond just a larger format to the original UltraPro; it ultimately offers a first to market breakthrough of technology to the North America printing industry. Not only can the E106 easily create the special effects that can’t be easily created on traditional equipment, but it can also be done with incredible speed to market. The speed to market advantage comes from the fact that there are no dies or traditional set-up needed, so ultimately quick change over between jobs can be accomplished easily. This means high premiumization, regional and promotional market approaches (such as retail, sports team, state, and duty-free specific opportunities), lower price points and a lightning-fast market reaction time.

Once again, Greener Planet/TPC Packaging are proving why they are recognized as leaders in innovative packaging and key Spearhead Pioneers ” – Heather Fritzsche – CEO, The Spearhead Group, Inc.

The Scodix E106 is expected to reach the floor of Greener Planet/TPC by this November and be up and running early next year. In collaboration with Greener Planet/TPC, Spearhead will be inviting a select few clients to exclusive individual open houses to be some of the first to see the extent of the Scodix E106 capabilities.


About TPC Packaging/Greener Planet

TPC Printing & Packaging has taken a major step in becoming a more environmentally sustainable organization by partnering with Greener Planet, LLC. – a woman-owned business. TPC Packaging and Greener Planet are a highly experienced, independent producer of custom folding cartons and promotional packaging. They are a full service, front door to back door, customer-driven, service-oriented producer of folding cartons. From the start of a program when you first talk to their Account Representative through Order Entry, Design, Pre-Press, Printing, Post-Press operations, and Product Delivery, they are completely focused on meeting their customers’ needs.

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