Spearhead Launches Kentucky Flagship End-to-End Physical Brand Enhancement Solution

Spearhead has reached an agreement with Acuity PLS to create the first complete End-to-End Physical Brand Enhancement (PBE) Kentucky Flagship. This latest collaboration with our women-owned Spearhead Pioneer, Acuity PLS, allows us the ability to offer clients a complete turnkey operation for Value Added Packaging (VAP) and Limited Time Offering (LTO) with direct and efficient on-site collaboration.

“We believe creating this End-to-End Kentucky Flagship is the right strategy to expand our turnkey capabilities to our clients. With our Spearhead Pioneer, Acuity PLS, we see so much opportunity to apply our packaging, labeling, necker, medallion, and all other innovative Physical Brand Enhancements directly onto our client’s products, creating the ability to have our creations fully assembled and distributed to the market. We believe this will be the first full turnkey offering of its kind in the Kentucky region, and we could not be prouder to have this expanded service with such a strong Spearhead Pioneer as Acuity.” – Heather Fritzsche, CEO, The Spearhead Group, Inc.



Acuity PLS has recently moved into a new state of the art location, so the timing of this announcement is perfect. Acuity provides a variety of manufacturing, packaging and logistics services such as thermoforming, secured warehousing, inventory management, co-packing, assembly, serialization, national and international distribution. With added security and controls at this new location, Acuity is also now licensed to handle and store bottled spirits. Acuity and Spearhead are currently reviewing the prospect of adding further automation to this site, including new equipment such as autocartoners and necker robotics, to name a few.

“Acuity Packaging and Logistics Solutions is excited to provide the base facility and production support that enables the launch of the new Spearhead Kentucky Flagship. We feel that Acuity’s thermoforming, assembly, co-packing, warehousing and distribution capabilities offer Spearhead, as well as many of our current and potential customers, this much-desired turnkey solution. Supporting the spirits industries VAP programs has always been a major part of Acuity’s core business. Now coupled with LTO support and plans to further automate our processes, we look forward to supporting the Spearhead Kentucky Flagship.” Kim Woolery, President, Acuity Packaging and Logistics Solutions.

As our End-to-End PBE Kentucky Flagship, Acuity’s facility will now act as a base local operations for Spearhead to allow them the capability to simplify LTO’s and VAP offerings for the spirits industry, by taking Kentucky made products out of a client’s normal supply chain and into a unique and adaptable location to assemble and deliver new-to-market PBE™ to any location.


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