Spearhead Family Profiles: Patricia Burguete, Mexico Advisor

This month, we are highlighting Patricia Burguete, Mexico Advisor, for our Spearhead Family Profile. Patricia joined The Spearhead Group a year ago and shared with us more about her journey and background into innovative thinking and sustainability.

1. Tell us about why and when you joined The Spearhead Group.
Joining The Spearhead Group is probably the most sought-after job I have ever had. I met Heather & Robert years ago when I collaborated with them on a couple of projects in Mexico. I found them to be admirable and fun people to work with.

After the 2017 earthquake, my personal losses drove me to reorganize and rethink different aspects of my life. I was in that process when I first heard about Heather & Robert founding Spearhead. The more I read about the company and its values, the more I wanted to work for them. After some months of communication and exchanging ideas with Robert, I proudly joined Spearhead a year ago as a part-time consultant.

2. How do you find and apply new ideas that you have found in Mexico to make Spearhead a global contender in innovative packaging?  How do you know what to follow-up on?

Applying innovative ideas, materials, or methods is achieved through teamwork. Spearhead’s team is always open to innovation. I attend a variety of trade fairs, keep an eye on scientific, academic, and industry news, while also staying in touch with different groups and people.  I enjoy sharing my findings, and when there is potential to use them that triggers an exchange of ideas.

Keeping our core values in mind makes follow-up an almost natural process.  Whenever I met a person or company, my first “filter” is to bring up sustainability, social responsibility, and innovation early in the conversation. A positive reaction to these topics is a signal to dive in further. Bringing these topics up is a good way to explore innovation and to find out which companies or individuals are willing to think outside the box and go an extra mile for their clients.

3. The Spearhead Group has 5 core values ( 1. Focus on Sustainability and Diversity; 2. Innovative Thinking; 3. Do the Right Thing; 4. Acts with Equal Respect for Clients, Colleagues, and Suppliers; 5. Go the Extra Mile. Can do attitude. Entrepreneurial Spirit). How do you practice these values?

I believe that respect encompasses most of Spearhead’s values. My favorite grandmother was my best example of respect for all living beings and the planet itself. From her, I also learned the values of sustainability, like how to reuse, upcycle, and make the best use of everything at home. The way she ran her household would be considered a great example of a circular economy today.

I’ve also always been a curious person, who likes to understand how anything works. When I like something new, the challenge of innovating and finding ways to use it is a most welcome one. Working with such a great team and loving what you do, makes it really easy to go the extra mile and always looks for ways to help turn ideas into realities.