Spearhead Announces Supplier Partnership with Low Ego – My Focus Beads

The Spearhead Group is proud to announce that we are the supplier of custom made, limited-edition wooden boxes for an amazing brand called Low Ego.

Low Ego is an Atlanta, Georgia based company that focuses on the empowerment and compassion of its customers and followers. By understanding the company values and the ultimate goal of the brand, we incorporated and developed a magnetic top that is aligned in order to hold the My Focus Bead bracelets in place. The unique aspect of these wooden boxes is that they were developed by our R&D team in our Innovation Lab in Yardley, Pennsylvania which allows the Spearhead team to build out packaging and Physical Brand Enhancement ™ from concept to finished product using the most advanced technology available.

All My Focus Bead bracelets are handmade in the US and have a unique story about connection and drawing people together. One of the beads is magnetic, so when someone else has a bracelet you can connect to each other. We found the story to be intriguing which is why we incorporated a magnet into the box design.

About Low Ego –  My Focus Beads

Dating back to prehistory, humans have used beads as reminders. On each bracelet, there are four beads that hold meaning. There are a set of three beads that are assigned specific focuses. Feel free to follow the preset focuses or assign your own. What is important is that you have a reminder on your wrist that keeps you focused on what matters to you. There is also one solo hematite bead that symbolizes connection. No matter what we desire out of life individually, we are all still part of a collective. We believe that having a constant reminder that we are all in this journey together will empower the wearer with more healthy relationships with the people around them.