Pioneer TPC/Greener Planet Expanded Capabilities

One of the main reasons we created the Spearhead Pioneer Program was to be able to work with a very exclusive group of innovators in their specific fields of expertise and passion. Today we are so very proud to announce that our Pioneer, TPC/Greener Planet has made substantial investments in creating a unique, high speed rigid box line in their Chattanooga, TN facility.

“With travel restrictions easing, I finally had an opportunity to visit TPC/Greener Planet. Naturally, we have been in constant communication with both so I really was looking forward to actually seeing all of the equipment up-grades in person,” said Ray DeCarlo, Head of Domestic Sourcing & Pioneer Relations, The Spearhead Group. “As soon as I set foot on the production floor, I was blown away by new state of the art equipment they’ve installed. From the new (10) color press with cold foil capability, to the SCODEX machine and most recently the installation of a KOLBUS Rigid Box line, TPC/Greener Planet, along with our other Spearhead Pioneers, is taking the lead in offering our clients unique and innovative packaging options and solutions that are necessary in today’s marketplace. The Spearhead Pioneer Program, which is comprised of leaders in a wide range of packaging expertise, was conceived and developed to be a ‘game changing’ resource that clients can come to develop and bring to life.”

Interested in learning more about rigid boxes, please reach out to Pamela Wyatt Ashcraft. Learn more about our Pioneer Program by contacting Ray DeCarlo, Head of Domestic Sourcing & Pioneer Relations.