National Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 17th marks National Random Acts of Kindness Day. What random act of kindness will you share with someone today? Do you have any planned service for 2022?

While reflecting on what random acts of kindness makes people think of (maybe something nice, something immediate, usually for a stranger), this day also reminds us of planned service opportunities to help others. In 2021, the Spearhead Gives Back Program was developed for employees to give back to causes that they believe in and gives two days of PTO per year to volunteer! What is more motivating than knowing your company appreciates that everyone in your company has a passion for a cause or project?!

Lana Toler, Spearhead’s Marketing & Innovation Manager, is a huge advocate for the Arts (including music!) in schools. “I am very appreciative for Spearhead’s Gives Back Program, which allowed me to donate my time to The Producers, a non-profit organization that enhances student experiences in Youth Performing Arts School by providing substantial programmatic and material support for classroom learning and production expenses that are not included in the school budget. I volunteered, with my son, to park cars during a yearly art fair St. James Art Fair in Kentucky. We parked cars for 8 hours in the parking lots of his High School, where he is a member of Youth Performing Arts School as a percussionist. Between 4 parking areas, we raised $16,780 parking cars! The goal was $14,000 and the money goes to help support the arts and in particular in 2021 replacing all of the tubas!”

If you have the opportunity to make a difference for your cause or project, schedule time to volunteer today!