America’s Spirit & Sustainability

It’s still Bourbon Heritage Month (yay!), so cheers to all of the old and the new bourbons, artisans, and distillers that have worked so hard to produce America’s Spirit! It is also a good time to bring up a burning hot topic these days… Sustainability, which is one of The Spearhead Group’s core values.  But what does sustainability really mean and how does sustainability relate to the America’s Spirit?

As we are seeing more and more companies share their sustainability goals, the questions around what to measure and what are the best metrics still remain. When creating bourbon, are companies looking at all possibilities to become more sustainable?  For example, from grain (sustainable farms and transport to the distillery) through post consumer use? This article, Bourbon & Sustainability, by Katie Garner is a great snapshot of various opportunities in the bourbon industry.

“As soon as Spearhead starts working on projects, one of our major focuses is to make sure that the packaging is ‘right-sized’ which might mean smaller in footprint.  We have had great success eliminating otherwise plastic films with eye-catching art and touch-and-feel open apertures to delight consumers.  We continue to challenge that smaller footprints aren’t enough to attract consumers.  We believe consumers want to have an experience with their brands and products, and the packaging is an opportunity to show consumers how engaging products can be.  There are of course cases when the client wants the larger footprint, but we continue to seek more sustainable materials for structure and design.” – Lana Toler

How do you show your consumers that sustainability is a core value of your business and brand?