Spearhead Family Profiles: Jessica Knee, Business Administration Manager

The Spearhead Group, Inc. is launching a new series. Once a month, we will highlight members of our family. Jessica Knee, Business Administration Manager, has been with The Spearhead Group since the launch in 2018. We wanted to know more about her journey.

  1. Tell us about helping start The Spearhead Group and what it means to be a part of this company.
    “I worked with Heather and Robert for 6 years prior to the launch of The Spearhead Group. Joining a startup is always about taking a chance, but also knowing Heather and Robert, I knew that no matter what the circumstances were, I would never be on my own. They would always support me and my career and they are the reason I am here. I believe in their vision for The Spearhead Group and I see it coming to life every day. Being a part of this journey from day 1 has been fulfilling, and becoming a known industry company with a full client base and respected reputation is beyond inspiring. Heather and Robert have built a brilliant global company on amazing core values. At Spearhead, we trust each other, we depend on each other, we love what we do we do great work together as a team.

    The Spearhead Group is also a very supportive and flexible environment to work in. During the last few months, we have all had to transition to new work cultures. As a single mom, raising a 5-year-old during this time, Spearhead was so empowering to me. They made it flexible for me to bring him to work and even bought toys for my son to play with while there. They also were able to admire his artwork on every whiteboard in the office. I am thrilled to be part of The Spearhead Group.”

  2. You were recently accepted into the Women’s Business Enterprise Center East (WBEC East)’s Next Gen Committee, tell us more about being accepted and what you hope this next year will look like with the committee?
    “It’s a funny story. I have always considered myself to be introverted and never dived into networking prior to the 2018 WBENC National Event. In 2018, Heather was going to attend WBENC’s National Event, but at the last minute could not attend. At her request, I filled in for her. She gave me an uplifting pep talk, coached me, and sent me on my way!  It ended being a career-changing experience for me. I discovered I loved networking, the WBENC, and what they stand for and I wanted to get more involved. Spearhead opened the door for me to become fully entrenched in helping support other female-led businesses and building friendships. This year, when I was invited to join the Next Gen committee, I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that I was going to get to work with an inspiring group of 6 women on building engaging programs for the next generation of female business owners. Over the next year, we will be putting together a series of virtual events to help bring this niche group of women together and support each other’s businesses. What an amazing opportunity this is going to be!
  3. The Spearhead Group has 5 core values ( 1. Focus on Sustainability and Diversity; 2. Innovative Thinking; 3. Do the Right Thing; 4. Acts with Equal Respect for Clients, Colleagues, and Suppliers; 5. Go the Extra Mile. Can do attitude. Entrepreneurial Spirit).
    How do you practice these values?
    “In my past experience, at both big and small companies, core values were simply words written on paper. At The Spearhead Group, the core values are so much more. We live by these values and they are evident in every task we perform.  Every day, I act ethically, I go the extra mile and I definitely have a can-do attitude (just ask my colleagues!)”