Limited Edition Ceramic Spirit Bottles, Now Part of Spearhead’s Physical Brand Enhancement Offerings

When we looked at the spirit space through the lens of Physical Brand Enhancements, what we discovered there was not a real way to create one of a kind glass bottle shapes for Limited Time Offers (LTOs). The tooling costs, lead-times and the volumes for custom glass bottles are too restrictive for small volume LTOs.

Usually, the only options available to brands wanting LTOs were stock shape glass bottles and an attempt to create unique labeling to stand out in the market. In conjunction with Spearhead Luxury Packaging (China), LTD, that we now offer Limited Edition Ceramic Bottles, aimed specifically at the Spirits industry!

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“When compared to glass bottles, customized ceramic bottles can be done for smaller quantities with little to no upfront development costs and can be out in the market much more rapidly than custom glass bottles. I am so very proud to support the greater Spearhead team with this unique offering along with Customized Luxury Boxes”

Tony Lau, Managing Director, Spearhead Luxury Packaging (China), Ltd.


Spearhead works closely with ceramic bottle engineers that understand the dynamics of different spirit proofs, and designers like Bill Hutto Design to capture the essence of the brand within what can be done with the unique nature of ceramics.

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Once a brand embarks on exploring Limited Edition Ceramic Bottles with Spearhead, the first thing they will notice is how closely we listen to your brand cues, like shapes, colors, and overall feel. The liquid inside is hidden, so we understand the ceramic now becomes 100% the visual messenger of the products flavor, color, and aroma – these things normally conveyed suggestively through clear glass.

The overall goal is to meet customer expectations through other means, and when done properly, customers are all too happy to not only purchase the product but will also display the bottle as a work of art.


“Partnering a unique, customized ceramic bottle offering, with the other unique Physical Brand Enhancement offerings, just seemed like the right thing to do. We haven’t seen anyone in the market offering an opportunity to combine everything from design, expert engineering, R&D, and with all the componentry of customized stoppers, luxury boxes, neckers, booklets, all the way to localized co-packing… and yes, we can even put it in a customized textile bag for you!”

Heather Fritzsche, Co-Founder & CEO of The Spearhead Group, Inc.



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