Get to Know April Wachtel, Founder/CEO of Cheeky Cocktails

April Wachtel, Founder/CEO of Cheeky Cocktails, is a 24-year veteran in the beverage and hospitality industry. She is an experienced mixologist, a cocktail & spirits instructor, Host of the Movers and Shakers podcast and an innovator. She leads a team of 8 to create an array of premium, all-natural syrups, and juices for the consumer.

In 2015, Cheeky Cocktails began its journey as Swig + Swallow. Founder and beverage industry veteran, April, realized people were looking for the path to make the best cocktails for their friends and guests, but were overwhelmed by the complexity or doubted their cocktail-making abilities. April set out to simplify cocktail making with a batched cocktail service. As time evolved, so did her business. In 2019, April realized that she had a decision to make for the next steps for her brand, to evolve the brand and produce shelf stable syrups and juices. From there, you can combine full bottles with a spirit of your choice to make your favorite cocktails. The rebrand as Cheeky Cocktails happened in early 2020 and since then the team has watched their business grow. Cheeky Cocktails brand launch was planned as large format syrups and juices for batched cocktails, but when COVID entered the US in March, Cheeky launched a smaller home cocktail version of the syrups, along with a bartender affiliate program, to provide an opportunity for those who had become unemployed or under-employed during the pandemic. As the Cheeky team has grown, they have partnered with bartenders and spirits companies as well as a range of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies for happy hours and cocktail classes.

The Spearhead Group began working together with April last year. In 2020, Cheeky Cocktails partnered with Don Julio Tequila on an innovative project to launch a cocktail kit. With the advancement of cocktail kits, The Spearhead Group collaborated with both brands to create a custom and innovative brand package. The team was able to work together to innovatively design the kits to hold two 50-ML bottles of Don Julio Blanco Tequila and two bottles of Cheeky Margarita Mix. The Spearhead Group is now working together with April on her next project, which includes an experiential e-commerce platform. Stay tuned over the next year to learn more.

“Working together with April and Cheeky Cocktails is a joy. She has an innovative process in developing cocktail and shelf stable syrups for consumers to enjoy,” said Lana Toler, Marketing, and Innovation Manager at The Spearhead Group. “April presents both art and science in her cocktail making and her products taste amazing.”

Cheeky Cocktails is an innovative company that is always looking for the next creative path. April said that they are always wanting to keep evolving and having an intimate conversation with their consumers. Finally, We asked April what cocktail and syrup combination she would recommend: Cheeky Cocktails Honey-Ginger Syrup combined with scotch for a classic Penicillin. Cheeky Cocktails is available online or you can find them through their website.