Diageo’s New Positive Drinking Initiative

COVID-19 has shifted the way many of us are working and socializing, including spending more time at home. This year, The Spearhead Group, Inc. participated in and is supporting Diageo’s new “Positive Drinking Initiative” This initiative provides informed choices on how to drink responsibly, and in moderation, during these unprecedented times, including when staying at home is the best option. Test your Drinkiq: https://bit.ly/3nWwD1C. How are you staying socially responsible during the pandemic?

Top Tips from Diageo:
1. Drink in moderation: Keep track of your drinks and ensure you are following U.S. government drinking guidelines.
2. Alcohol is alcohol: Remember, it’s how much alcohol you drink, not what you drink that matters.
3. Eat & hydrate: Never drink on an empty stomach and remember to hydrate.
4. Home measures: Track your drinks. When pouring your drinks, use unit or liquid measuring cups.
5. Get creative! Miss your local cocktail bars; learn to make your own cocktails.
6. Drink free days: Incorporate drink-free days into your week and challenge yourself to engage in different fun activities.
7. Plan virtual happy hours and gatherings: Set the date, send invites and get dressed up. Virtual Good Host Guide: https://bit.ly/350E4fB

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